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Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Make your vehicle whole again with a professional aluminum auto body repair performed at Garry’s Collision by calling (248) 651-0898!


As the use of aluminum car and truck exteriors continues to grow, especially among high-performance vehicles, demand for certified technicians capable of repairing them has outstripped supply.


Fortunately, Garry’s Collision remains ahead of the curve for providing expert collision repair services on vehicles that utilize aluminum’s strength and versatility.

aluminum auto body repair

Aluminum Body Repair

In the past, car-lovers only encountered aluminum bodies on exotic sports cars. Recently, however, high-end trucks and SUVs have started implementing aluminum to bring down their overall weights. While vehicle owners welcome the change, it has limited their repair options to the select few auto body shops that prove capable of bringing damaged vehicles with aluminum bodies to their pre-accident conditions.


At Garry’s Collision, we understand the significant differences between steel and aluminum, as well as the specialized techniques to execute a perfect auto body repair on either material. Aluminum behaves quite unlike steel when undergoing a repair, necessitating a specialized repair center wholly dedicated to working with only aluminum.

Aluminum Collision Repair

An auto collision can wreak havoc on aluminum car parts. And, most collision centers find themselves ill-equipped to deliver proper aluminum repair services. Luckily, Garry’s Collision possesses all of the knowledge, experience, and tools to perform a flawless aluminum collision repair. We don’t stop work until our customers’ cars get restored to their factory conditions.


Car manufacturers use various aluminum alloys on the assembly line; each type of aluminum requires different treatment during a repair to avoid further damage. After a collision, aluminum panels can become stronger in certain places, making them a more difficult material with which to work. Our technicians must heat the aluminum to 400℉ before reshaping it.


Some of the tools we use to complete an aluminum collision repair include:

  • Heat gun with digital temperature display

  • Stainless steel brushes

  • Inline removal tool

  • Electric grinder

  • Grinding discs

Once we reshape the aluminum panels, we will prep them for painting. We employ state-of-the-art color-match technology to ensure our customers’ repaired panels match the color of the undamaged areas of the car.

Aluminum Hood Repair

Aesthetically speaking, the hood represents one of the most important parts of a car or truck. Even the slightest irregularity becomes immediately apparent to a casual observer. At Garry’s Collision, we emphasize the utmost precision while repairing an aluminum hood. A perfect hood repair not only returns a vehicle to its original condition but also maintains the pre-collision aerodynamics and gas mileage.


One advantage of an aluminum hood repair involves our ability to perform a paintless dent repair (PDR). Under certain circumstances, we can smooth out any dents without the need to repaint the hood, saving our customers both time and money. That way, they can get back on the road sooner and at a lower cost.

If you own a car or truck with a modern aluminum exterior, give Garry’s Collision a call at (248) 651-0898 to schedule your initial consultation.

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