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fiberglass auto body repair

Fiberglass Auto Body Repair

Fix your vehicle’s damaged exterior with a fiberglass auto body repair at Garry’s Collision! 

Most car and truck owners believe that cracked fiberglass components require a replacement rather than a repair. However, specialized auto body shops like ours mend fiberglass bumpers, hoods, and panels almost every day, saving customers a considerable sum of money.

fiberglass auto repair

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass consists of plastic reinforced by glass fibers to create a strong, lightweight, flexible, nonconductive, nonmagnetic material. Manufacturers can easily mold fiberglass into intricate shapes, making it a perfect solution for various motorized vehicles. Some typical applications of fiberglass include:


  • Sports cars

  • Race cars

  • Trucks

  • Airplanes

  • Boats

What Is Used To Repair Fiberglass?

Repairing fiberglass represents a dangerous business. The fiberglass can harm your eyes, lungs, and skin. At Garry’s Collision, we must wear a respirator, safety glasses, gloves, and other protective clothing to prevent medical issues.


To effect a flawless fiberglass auto body repair, we use:


  • Fiberglass chopped strand mat

  • Fiberglass flakes

  • Bonding resin and catalyst

  • Polyester putty and hardener

  • Electric grinder and sander


We also utilize other miscellaneous items during the repair process, such as mineral spirits, paintbrushes, stirrers, duct tape, markers, rags, and more.

Types of Fiberglass Damage We Repair

Our highly trained certified technicians execute all types of fiberglass auto body repair services. We regularly restore cars and trucks involved in collisions to their pre-accident conditions, matching the auto paint to the original factory coating. Some of the most common types of collision repair we deliver include:


  • Cracks

  • Hairline fractures

  • Gouges

  • Scratches

  • Full breaks


We also fix extensive damage to fiberglass car parts and can even fabricate entire panels from scratch.

Why Choose Garry’s Collision for Fiberglass Repair?

Customers choose our fiberglass auto body shop over the competitors for a variety of good reasons. Our team at Garry’s Collision maintains a stellar reputation in the automotive industry because we provide undetectable repairs, regardless of how extensive the damage may appear. Our focus on quality craftsmanship and timely service helps us retain repeat customers for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our qualified staff members at Garry’s Collision receive lots of questions every day. We love to share information, offer advice, and explain our processes. Find answers to some of the most common questions we hear regularly below.

Does Fiberglass Break Easily?

Pure fiberglass breaks very easily. However, when supported by other materials, such as plastic, resin, and epoxy, fiberglass becomes quite durable.

What Happens If I Touch Fiberglass?

Fiberglass consists of very fine glass particles. If it makes contact with skin, it can cause moderate pain or a rash. However, these side effects dissipate, and briefly coming into contact with fiberglass causes no long-term health risks.

Is My Fiberglass Car Safe?

Yes. When everything remains intact, your fiberglass car parts represent safe products. However, when structural damage occurs, it could cause various health issues and requires a professional repair to become safe again.

Garry’s Collision remains committed to offering a full suite of collision repair services, like hood repair, bumper repair, panel repair, and more. If a car part consists of fiberglass, we can fix it—call (248) 651-0898 today!

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