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Automotive Plastic Trim Repair

Automotive Plastic Repair

Restore your vehicle to its original beauty with professional automotive plastic repair at Garry’s Collision—call (248) 651-0898 today!


Most car owners believe that broken or faded plastic components require a replacement. However, a specially trained technician can fix damaged door handles, interior door panels, and other plastic accents and trim for a lot less than the cost of replacement parts.

Opening Car Door

Automotive Plastic Repair

While broken or sun-damaged plastic automotive parts may have called for a replacement in the distant past, modern tools, techniques, and repair products now allow for a complete restoration of almost any plastic component. Some of the items we often use to perform a successful automotive plastic repair include:


  • J-B Weld Original, KwikWeld, or PlasticWeld

  • Electric sander, grinder, and sandpaper

  • Aluminum body tape or masking tape

  • Nitrogen plastic welder and welding rod

  • Prep-All or a similar wax and grime remover

  • Cordless plastic stapler

  • Primer, paint, or aerosol truck bed coating

Plastic Trim Repair

Scheduling an appointment for car plastic repair on the interior or exterior of a vehicle saves owners a considerable amount of money. Certain car parts, like bumpers, door handles, side mirrors, and other odds and ends, see a lot of wear and tear. Scuffs, scratches, gouges, and sun damage all play a role in slowly destroying a car’s plastic trim.


At Garry’s Collision, we regularly perform expert plastic trim repair on car parts that frequently suffer damage. Door handles with significant scratches caused by keys and bumpers faded by years of sunlight represent some of our most common repair requests. However, we also fix plastic side mirrors that rack up minor impacts over time.

Plastic Door Panel Repair

A vehicle’s plastic door panel takes quite a beating throughout a vehicle’s lifespan. Frequent closing of the door, hours of arms resting on the armrest, and minor bumps and bangs add up over time. After a few years, vehicle owners find themselves left with dirty, broken, and sun-damaged door panels.


Booking a car interior door panel repair with Garry’s Collision will restore a panel to its original luster. We can even recreate the texture that often wears away from regular contact with passengers’ arms and legs. The process typically involves more work on our part, including removing the door panel to repair the damage more easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Garry’s Collision, we receive a lot of questions regarding plastic trim repair. Below, find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Will My Automotive Plastic Repair Withstand Freezing Temperatures?

Yes. The materials used in a plastic repair will survive temperatures below -65℉.


How Much Heat Can an Automotive Plastic Repair Tolerate?

The materials we use withstand constant temperatures up to 500℉. However, a repair can tolerate a temperature of 600℉ for up to ten minutes.

Can My Auto Plastic Repair Tolerate All Forms of Precipitation?

Yes. Your plastic repair represents a waterproof solution. However, hail may re-damage the repaired area.

If any piece of plastic on your car has experienced unsightly damage, give us a call at (248) 651-0898 and see what Garry’s Collision can do for you.

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