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Auto Dent Repair and Removal

Show your ride a little love by calling Garry’s Collision at (248) 651-0898 for auto dent repair and removal in Rochester, MI!


Accidents can happen to anyone. So, when you back your car into a light pole or suffer a minor fender bender, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Just take care of your dents and dings as soon as possible to avoid rust and further damage. At Garry’s Collision, we perform all types of repairs for less than what the other auto body shops will charge you.


Auto Dent Repair

Make your vehicle whole again with professional dent repairs performed by Garry’s Collision! For over 40 years, we’ve made fixing dents our priority. We execute traditional dent repairs, which require a paint job and paintless car dent repairs. Either way, you can expect a flawless repair that turns back the clock and makes your car look as new as possible.

Traditional Dent Repairs

We recommend traditional repairs when your car’s body panels suffer extensive damage that stretches the metal, destroys existing paint, or leaves a very deep dent. In such cases, we’ll attach the suction machine to pop out the dent, then smooth out the surface and apply paint to match the rest of your car.

Auto Dent Removal

In some cases, the damage to a vehicle proves too extensive for traditional or paintless dent repairs (PDR). When we encounter significant dents on a car panel, we may recommend car dent removal instead. The repair processes include removing the existing body panel, purchasing a new panel, installing it, and paint matching.


In an ideal situation, we can source a car panel with the same paint as the rest of your car. Otherwise, we will need to use hi-tech paint-matching software to complete our dent repair. Once we’ve installed the new panel and matched the paint, no one will ever know that your vehicle suffered body damage.

Auto Dent Repair Cost

The cost of dent repair services depends on the extent and location of the damage, as well as the make and model of your vehicle. A minor ding may cost as little as $100 to repair. Significant damage that requires a body panel replacement can run well over $1,000.


Our friendly technicians will discuss your options and help you select the one that fits your budget and leaves you satisfied with the result.


Benefits of Auto Dent Repair or Removal

Fixing car dents does a lot more than improving the appearance of your vehicle. Restoring the original shape of your car or truck leads to other benefits, like improved aerodynamics.


Depending on the dent’s size, depth, and location, an auto dent repair that restores the original aerodynamic design of your vehicle will also increase its acceleration, top speed, and gas mileage. Auto dent repair also prevents rust and further damage to other parts of your vehicle.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your dented car?


Call Garry’s Collision at (248) 651-0898 for expert auto dent repair services in Rochester, MI!

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