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bumper repair rochester mi garrys collision

Bumper Repair

At Garry’s Collision, you can rejuvenate the appearance of your car or truck with a professional bumper repair in Rochester Hills, MI!


bumper repair services represent a big part of what we do. Our high-quality customer service stands as the main reason why Rochester residents call us first over anywhere else when they need their cars repaired. That’s why there’s no need to search “bumper repair shops near me”—you’ve already found Garry’s Collision!

bumper repair rochester mi

Bumper Repair

Protect yourself and your family with a bumper dent repair performed by our certified technicians. A damaged bumper creates more than just an eyesore: It also causes a significant safety risk. Bumpers serve as the first point of contact during an auto collision, reducing the overall impact felt by passengers inside the cabin. When damaged, the results can prove catastrophic during a future accident.


Car and truck manufacturers specially design their bumpers to absorb the force exerted on the vehicle during a car crash. However, bumpers can’t do their job if they suffer from previous cracks, breaks, or gouges. In fact, a structurally impaired bumper can magnify the power of a car wreck by several percentage points. For that reason, a prompt bumper repair after a minor fender bender can save lives.

Plastic Bumper Repair

Fixing plastic bumpers as part of a vehicle repair involves a lengthy process. At our auto body shop in Rochester, we must prep the damaged area of the bumper, apply specialized plastic welding composites, smooth out the bumper to its original shape, and color-match the paint to the rest of the vehicle.


At Garry’s Collision, we pride ourselves on delivering quality work during the repair process, restoring our customers’ vehicles to their original appearances and safety standards. Our repair facility possesses top-of-the-line equipment to effect a flawless vehicle repair that remains undetectable to the naked eye, including bumper paint repair.

Bumper Repair Costs​​

The cost of a collision repair involving the bumper varies depending on the extent and location of the damage, as well as the make and model of the vehicle. Our quality auto body repair shop maintains the highest standards of safety, customer service, and craftsmanship so we can produce a bumper repair that lasts for the entire lifespan of the vehicle.


High-end cars and trucks often exit the assembly line with expensive, high-performance paint jobs, which can raise the price of a bumper repair after a collision. Our friendly staff works closely with our customers to fully disclose estimated costs before the repair begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff gets asked a multitude of questions every day. Customers understandably express several concerns about their vehicles after a collision. Discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bumper repair below.

What Types of Vehicles Can Garry’s Collision Repair?

Our highly trained professionals can repair almost any type of car or truck. However, in the rare event of encountering a vehicle that we can’t fix, we will inform the customer and direct them to an auto body shop that can, if possible.

Can Garry’s Collision Repair a Bumper with Integrated Electronics?

Yes. As complex, multifunctional bumpers have become more common, we’ve upgraded our facilities and provided training to our technicians to meet this growing need.

Does your bumper need a dent repair? Call Garry’s Collision at (248) 651-0898 to schedule service!

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