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Collision Repairs & Auto Body Shop Work Done Right the First Time!


Our talented technicians have all the experience and up-to-date equipment necessary to complete every type of repair, big or small. Garry's Collision has several certifications from industry experts as well as manufacturers. However, we strengthen our level of expertise and remain on the cutting edge through ongoing training and education programs.


We stay abreast of all the latest technologies to enhance your service experience and perfect our trade. Garry's Collision works on all makes and models and deals with all reputable insurance companies.


A comprehensive list of our most popular collision services is available below:

Auto Dent Repair Removal Rochester Michigan

Auto Dent Repair and Removal

Garry’s Collision has talented and certified technicians trained in up-to-date technology to complete every type of auto body repair ranging from major collision damage to minor cosmetic repairs.  With over 40 years of experience, we are the best auto body shop for auto dent repair and removal.

Auto frame repair rochester michigan

Auto Frame Repair

Auto frame repair is needed if you have damage to the outer or inner frame of your vehicle.  The majority of vehicles manufactured today using a unibody frame where the vehicle’s cabin is integrated into the frame which makes the frame stronger.  


At Garry’s Collision we over laser frame measuring, analysis, and frame repair as well as unibody frame repair.  The steps for auto frame repair depend on the type of vehicle, frame, and of course the extent of the damage.  Give us a call and we’ll help you with an in-person estimate.

paintless dent repair and removal rochester mi

Paintless Dent Repair and Removal

Garry’s Collision auto body technicians have perfected paintless dent repair for all sorts of bumps, dings, and dents.  We can provide paintless dent repair and removal on all sorts of dents ranging from parking lot door dings and major dents incurred from that accidental collision.  


These dent repairs don’t necessarily put a dent in your wallet. With paintless dent repair, the original pain is maintained and fixes surface problems while fixing the dent.

Much faster and less costly than a complete paint job!   

bumper repair rochester michigan

Bumper Repair

Bumpers are designed to protect the Vehicle’s structure (and the driver!).  They are often the first part of the vehicle to absorb the impact from a collision. Garrys Collision’s Technicians are trained in the latest techniques of repairing thermoplastic bumpers to OEM specifications.


Our team meticulously performs the right repair for each bumper, and reconditions your bumper to erase any dents, scratches, scrapes, or indentations.

By saving your original bumper, the technician will we able to transition (blend) the color on the repaired part and maintain the original color match to the adjacent panels. If you are in a major auto collision, the bumper will most likely need to be replaced.


At Garry’s Collision, we ensure your bumper is repaired correctly, or replaced if needed to maintain your safety on the road. 

fender repair rochester michigan

Fender Repair

Fixing a fender can be as simple as using a hammer to fix a ding or it may require buffing and repainting.  We recommend addressing the fender damage right away as it is intended to protect your vehicle.  At Garry’s Collision, we will ensure your fender repair is done professionally and correctly.

auto paint repair rochester michigan

Auto Paint Repair

An auto paint repair is a simple way to fix paint scratches, stone chips, and small flaws in the auto body. These blemishes impact the vehicle’s appearance and chips in the paint may rust and cause further damage.  Garry’s Collision offers expert color matching to ensure your auto paint repair is properly performed.

fiberglass auto body repair rochester michigan

Fiberglass Auto Body Repair

Fiberglass auto body repairs involve fixing cracks, collision damage, and even replacing part of their gelcoat.  Fiberglass contains thin fibers of plastic that have been woven with strands of glass that bond to metal and provides a long last lasting repair. If you have damage to your auto body, the experts at Garry’s Collision can provide a fiberglass auto body repair.

aluminum auto body repair rochester mi

Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Garry’s Collision has provided aluminum body repair for over 40 years.  Since aluminum is more pliable than steel, we need specialized tools including an aluminum dent pulling station for aluminum auto body repairs.  Since aluminum reacts differently to heat than steel, we apply specialized methods to connect auto body parts instead of direct welding.  If you need an aluminum auto body repair, give us a call!

plastic trim repair rochester mi

Plastic Trim Repair

Today’s vehicles are full of plastic from the doors and dashboards to the gas cap and cup holders.  Plastic is lighter than metal but not as durable in a collision.  Plastic components can also crack over time and Garry’s Collision can fix a wide range of plastic trim repairs.

auto body refinishing rochester michigan

Auto Body Refinishing

Auto body refinishing uses a variety of auto restoration techniques to prep a vehicle for spray painting. The process involves preparing the surface for refinishing, applying a base coat, applying the finish, and applying the final topcoat.  We correct the finish and examine the vehicle for paint defects to ensure your auto body refinish is flawless.

in person estimates at garry's collision

In-Person Estimates

At Garry’s Collision, we can provide free in-person estimates for your auto body repair that meets our standards and competitive pricing.


We provide detailed estimates with photos at no cost to you so you have the accurate information to provide to your insurance company.

If you are planning on going through your insurance company then please lets us know so we can be your personal advocate.

Best Collision Repair Shop in Rochester, Michigan

We are the #1 professionals in the business when managing your insurance company for your claim. Remember we work for you not your insurance company. We have your best interests in mind when returning your car to precedent condition. The insurance company focuses on the cost, not the quality!​

All our auto body repairs are performed in our safe, secure, multi-bay facility in Rochester, MI.

Let us focus on a quality collision repair at Rochester's Best Auto Body Shop in Michigan!

Collision Repair and Auto Body Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of collision repair?


The main goal is to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition, per manufacturer specifications. Including proper paint match, body, structural, and mechanical repairs. When all repairs are completed properly, your vehicle should look and perform as it did prior to the accident.


What should I look for after collision repair?


We always say the last thing we do in the repair process is the first thing you notice. Which would be the fit and finish of the repair. Check the repaired area from a distance and close up to make sure everything matches as it should. Have the shop go ever the estimate in detail and touch on every area that was repaired, and all the parts that were replaced. Most quality shops that take pride in their work enjoy doing this, because it gives them a chance to show the quality repair.

How much does a front-end repair cost?

The front of a vehicle is always the most expensive to repair because that’s where most of the mechanicals are located. If it's just a slight bump, and we are only repairing the front bumper, the cost could be as little as $500. Once it goes past your bumper and does further damage it can add up fast, keep in mind that modern-day cars are rolling computers. Extensive front-end damage can add up to $10,000 plus quickly. The majority of the repair cost is the parts needed to do proper repairs on these high-tech cars.​

Should I take my car to the dealer for a collision repair?

Many people assume the dealer is the best place to take your car to get repaired because they are associated with the car manufacture. The car manufacture has nothing to do with the collision repair of your vehicle when taking it to the dealer. The dealer's body shop is the same as any other body shop. In most cases, the body shop at a dealership is the last concern of the dealership. They are more focused on selling cars and keeping their service center busy.


As an independent auto body shop located in Rochester, MI, you are our FIRST AND ONLY PRIORITY! If we don’t deliver top service and quality repairs, then we are out of business. The dealer can always fall back on their car sales to keep and service dept to keep the doors open.

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