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auto paint repair rochester michigan

Auto Paint Repair

Give your vehicle a shiny new makeover with the highest quality auto paint repair in Rochester Hills, MI, at Garry’s Collision!


We place customer service and expert body repairs above all else. That’s why our friends and neighbors continue to visit our body shop in Rochester whenever the need arises. With more cars repaired than most other auto body shops in the area, Garry’s Collision remains the most trusted repair facility in the region.

auto paint repair rochester mi

Common Causes of Paint Damage

A vehicle’s paint job can become damaged for a variety of reasons. But, no matter how our customers’ car paint ended up suffering from scratches, cracks, and chips, our certified technicians always restore it to factory condition. Some of the most common causes of paint damage include:


  • Collisions

  • Highway debris

  • Poor weather

  • Abrasive cleaning solutions

  • Neglect

Types of Customers We Serve​

Our friendly crew loves delivering high-quality car paint repairs and collision repairs for local families and individuals who search for car paint repair near me. We look forward to seeing the looks on our customers’ faces when they see their vehicles restored to their original glory. However, we also provide fleet services for the following organizations:
  • Rental car companies
  • Taxi companies
  • Limousine companies
  • Police departments
  • Public utilities
  • Plumbing, electrical, and other service companies

Risks Associated With Delaying an Auto Paint Repair

Putting off a paint repair comes with several associated risks. For one, it exposes your vehicle’s exterior to rust, which can eat away at the metal panels that make up the body of a car or truck. Removing minor rust or filling holes that the rust has eaten away only adds to the overall cost of an eventual repair.


Paint damage not only looks ugly but can also worsen over time. Relatively insignificant paint damage can expand further and lead to long cracks in the paint or even chips, leaving the metal underneath vulnerable to outside elements. With paint damage, the longer a customer waits to visit the body shop, the more the repair will ultimately cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from concerned customers who require a quality auto body repair or paint job. Below, you can find some of the most common questions we hear at Garry’s Collision.

Is New Paint Included in the Price of My Vehicle Repair?

Unfortunately, no. The cost of fixing a customer’s paint remains separate from our vehicle repair pricing because the materials and time spent fixing a vehicle’s paint vary widely depending on the extent of the damage, location, and the quality of paint used.

Can Garry’s Collision Fix a Dent Without Applying New Paint?

It depends. In some cases where the paint has not suffered any damage, we may perform a paintless dent repair (PDR), which allows us to smooth out a dent without applying any paint.

Will the New Paint Match My Factory Paint Job?

Yes. At Garry’s Collision, we utilize state-of-the-art paint-matching technology to create a color, hue, and tone that matches the original paint. Frequently, even an expert observer can not identify the location of the auto paint repair.

To see what Garry’s Collision can do for your auto paint repair needs, contact us at (248) 651-0898!

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