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Auto Frame Repair

Come on down to Garry’s Collision for the highest quality auto frame repair services in Rochester, MI!


A damaged car frame represents one of the most significant types of auto collision damage and requires extensive vehicle repair performed by trained professionals. Many auto body shops don’t even offer the service, but we’ve got you covered in Rochester Hills.

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Car Frame Repair

At Garry’s Collision, our friendly staff has delivered quality auto body repairs for over four decades. We specialize in collision repair, including highly technical procedures that involve restoring a twisted car frame to its original position. We remain committed to providing superior customer service with complete transparency regarding the diagnosis, pricing, and outlook for our customers’ specific collision damage issues.

Benefits of Auto Frame Repair

Getting the frame of a car repaired comes with a whole host of benefits to the vehicle owner. From added protection in the event of a future accident to identifying other structural problems, fixing a car frame represents the first step in returning a vehicle to a fully functional state.

Accident Protection

Manufacturers design the frame of a car or truck to withstand the colossal forces at play during a car wreck. When the structure of a vehicle’s frame becomes compromised, it presents a significant risk to life and limb should an accident occur. A previously damaged frame remains more likely to crumple during a future car crash, putting passengers in harm’s way unnecessarily.

Smoother Ride

A vehicle with a bent or twisted frame tends to ride a little rough. The overall efficiency of a car with frame damage suffers substantially. Not only does this affect the comfort of passengers and the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but it can also lead to additional structural problems because other weight-bearing elements must compensate for the lack of balance that results from frame damage.

Identification of Other Structural Problems

Fixing a damaged frame represents a relatively invasive procedure that exposes internal car parts, allowing our certified technicians to inspect otherwise unreachable components visually. Just like a surgeon might discover unrelated health concerns during an operation, our friendly staff checks our customers’ vehicles for other problems during the frame repair process.

Bent Car Frame Repair Cost

Each damaged vehicle frame presents unique challenges. The total cost of an auto frame repair depends on the make and model of the vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the tools and labor hours required to complete the task. While we can not give an accurate estimate without first performing a full inspection, we can guarantee fair, honest pricing once our staff assesses the damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, customers who own a vehicle with a damaged frame express various concerns. Below, find the answer to some of the most common questions we hear from our clients.

Doesn’t Frame Damage Indicate a Total Loss?

No. Frame damage alone does not mean a vehicle remains destined for the scrapheap. At Garry’s Collision, we’ve repaired many cars and trucks with bent frames that end up running for the entirety of the vehicle’s expected lifespan.

How Long Will a Frame Repair Take To Complete?

Like pricing, it depends on the type of vehicle, the significance of the damage, and the effort required to effect a flawless repair.

Give Garry’s Collision a call at (248) 651-0898 to find out more about our auto frame repair services.

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